Monday, February 11, 2013


from California


after a cloudy spell one afternoon
Limes and Lemons #4 2.6.13    

Last weeks painting obsession:  the waves as high tide approached. 
 In between it was lemons and limes from my brother's trees

Waves 2.1.13
Clouds 2.2.13
Wave 2.3.13
Latest Obsession 2.4.13
Grey 2.5.13

Limes and Lemons not easy #6  2.6.13


Chinese New Year

Year of the Snake

Chinese Tomb Guardian 5th Century
protecting my brother's house
Ray-man Guardian

Nikko ( handsome idiot brother Guardian)

The Artful Recluse
my brother's exhibit
open March 6 at Asia Society NYC

Peter and Hui Shu's