Monday, December 19, 2016

A Different Kind of Color
St Honorat
   miles of walking  
Twice a week I took the dollar bus to Cannes running across 
the Allées de La Liberté and the Vieux Port 
to get to the Quai Croisière and the boat to St Honorat.
The streets were relatively quiet at that hour, their upscale shops still closed, 
the tourists and celebs still asleep
Dashing around I was amazed how difficult it was to find a croissant, 
and forget about a coffee to go....
A completely different story on my way back

Overlooking Cannes from Notre Dame de L'Esperance
On the island things were really coming into their own, and with spring came more tourists
and lots of yachts anchoring close by.
It was a bit of an invasion in my estimation

    My painting spot changed each visit, but the rocks and colors on the north and west sides were my favorites.

April 14, 2016
4.72 miles

Boogie Street

April 19, 2016
5.25 miles
Cry Me a River

On my  last trip to the island I concentrated on the western edge, gleefully commandeering an entire picnic table to the chagrin of the 
picnic people who inevitably came
l'oiseau en avance attrape le vers
 (the early bird catches the worm) 

Santa Maria de Buen Ayres

What's the Matter with You
It was a perfect finale

 trespassing in the vineyard

Depending on the week, Cannes could be relatively empty, 
or there could be hoards of press, tourists and the beautiful people, 
for some sort of film opening or highbrow event.
Always rushing to catch the boat, or the bus on my way back, 
I didn't really investigate much more than the Old Town and harbor.  
Cannes was just a pit stop on my way to somewhere else.

But a pretty one

Up next:
The final chapter
 on the Côte D'Azur