Monday, February 18, 2013


from California
SUN, more SUN, more SUN
and one foggy morning in Santa Ynez
RAIN is in the forecast

3 locations: high tide, low tide, and Pete's house
+ (the occasional excursion to Refugio Ranch)
3 brushes: the big fat one, the medium pointy one, and the one that's barely there

and the reminder of LESS repeating constantly in my head while painting
+ Lime 1/2   2.9.13 2:37 pm
Rocks   2.11.13  3:14 pm
Seagull   2.12.13  9:10 am
Refugio Ranch   2.13.13  4:35 pm
Grape   2.14.13  4:08 pm
Lower Tide  2.16.13  9:48 am
from around dawn

Oak Gall
Looking for scratch
 More next weekend from Refugio Ranch, Santa Ynez, and the Los Olivos Winter, Wine & Arts Festival