Tuesday, September 10, 2013

points north and east
with a BAT or two and NO BURCHFIELDS
Charles Burchfield "Rainy Night Buffalo"
I love the paintings of Charles Burchfield.  He lived and painted in and around Buffalo.  Excited to go to the Burchfield Penney Art Center to see as many of his watercolors as I possibly could
there were 
 Apparently on this Labor Day holiday weekend, the museum powers that be had decided it was time to change the exhibit. 
So I spent most of my time in the hinterlands of northern New York, searching for

here's what I found

His house on Mariner St

Sunflower Arch #2 1917

I went up to Buffalo to visit John and Kathleen, art friends from way back, to celebrate all of our birthdays, paint, tour, visit bull terriers, eat, drink, and be merry. They live down Mariner St from Burchfield's house, I was so close.....

They are fantastic hosts and here's a compilation of
how we spent our time
Sea Bar for dinner (FISH of course)
Drive down Ellicott, Pass Tappo and Hotel Lafayette
I saw these buildings being renovated to their former glory, but not the painting
Head to 1st ward – drive through “Silo City”
Over the sky way to the Naval Park, and up to Allentown
Drive by 3 Frank Lloyd Wright houses
Darwin Martin House
Go to the Burchfield Penney Art Center

Okay, I lied and actually saw this ONE in the cafe 
Autumnal Fantasy
and we could look through the drawing files
Kathleen at the Robert Thierren Exhibit
 Albright Knox Museum
Drive through Richardson
tour the boulevards parks and parkways by Olmstead
Lunch at Martin Cooks
Antiquing at 27 Chandler and Horsefeathers
Wegmans for food and head to WILSON
Go via Grand Island/Robert Moses Parkway
Stop at Sanger Farms for peaches
Dinner on the lake

John and Kathleen's house in Wilson, on Lake Ontario
John's painting
Burchfield's June Clouds 1916

Singer Naturals for Cherry juice & Jam
Yard sales
Plums at Dolanski’s
 Brubacker’s and Johnston Creek Farm

 DOG Show
Sandstone Bull Terriers.....I am a woman possessed and this handsome guy could be the father of my future dog!

Culvert Road, (click for the history) the only road that goes under the Erie Canal
Tour of Albion’s commercial district
Stopped at Mexican Grocery for Tortas from Monte Alban Taco Truck

 Walked up and down Main St. Medina
Bought dresses at Lily & A Sparrow

View of Medina's Main St from John and Kathleen's gallery building
The widest part of the Erie Canal from the back of John and Kathleen's building

Flowers from Transit in NEWFANE

Ghost Plants (Corn and Sunflowers),” 1916

Cocktails at Sunset Grill
Dinner of Tomatoes & Basil, salad, peaches and ice cream
Bike riding to harbor and painting watercolors
Boats 9.1.13
Plum orchards and Blueberry picking

John not trespassing in the plum orchards

Hiller Farms for jalapeno pepper and Fiegel’s Blueberry Honey
no luck antiquing in OLCOTT
Homemade gazpacho with our tomatoes and cukes and onions from Mennonites

September Wind and Rain

Dinner with friends 
bbq chicken, beet salad, cole slaw, grilled corn, peach crumble

A whole lot of plum paintings

Flea market & yard sales
BLTs with T-meadow maple smoked bacon
Birthday Dinner 
steak, salad 
 peach, blueberry, pear tart

my daybreak

Daybreak 1920

Packed up 13 napkins, two tablecloths from yard sales & flea market
Container of blueberries
Piece of tart, Grilled chicken,
Honey & several paintings!!
Wilson 9.1.13  9:55 am

The Luminous Tree 1917

Sunset on the lake
photo of Charles Burchfield painting
It turns out I saw those elusive BURCHFIELDS everywhere, the sky, the trees, the flowers, fields....
just think,
when I shuffle off to Buffalo and points north and east again, I may even see the paintings
Moonset 1916
now it's time to sleep
Don't Forget!!
I'm exhibiting at:
 Proteus Gowanus 
1st part of the year long theme of WATER
Opening September 15th 6-9 pm
Tugboat Tea Company
Opening Thursday September 19th