Photo taken by Caroline de Otero  in Nice France 2016
 The moment I got out of RISD and came home from living and painting in Paris, I've been a working artist.  A Jacqueline of all (well not quite all!) art "trades", so to speak.  I've made etchings, paintings, drawings, and showed them and sold them and somehow have managed to survive. 

There have been on and off part time jobs, working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, printing etchings for other artists, working for the Brooklyn Arts Council, and now working at the Greenmarket in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Happily I can say I've never been a waitress

Some other useful information

I was born in the windy city and grew up in Connecticut.  My art education began at age 5 or so with classes at the Wadsworth Atheneum drawing armor and such.

In case you’re curious, I’m not the Sally Mara in “Les Oeuvres Completes de Sally Mara” by
Raymond Queneau, nor was I named for her, my parents never heard of the author. It must be one of those mysterious universal unconscious things. I do read French but not enough to read the book, which sits on my bookshelf getting dusty.

In Paris, I made prints at Atelier 17 with Stanley William Hayter, painted, drank café, learned argot and never got to the Eiffel Tower
But I keep going back, maybe one day.... 

 Paris March 2015

Favorite children’s book: “The Arkansaw Bear Complete” by Albert Bigelow Paine circa 1898, which my grandfather read to me
Favorite adult book is “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” by John Le Carré, which I read myself

I lived and worked in a loft in Chelsea, in the days of Joseph Torch Art Supplies, Julian’s Billiard Academy and the Palladium, before moving to Brooklyn where I currently reside In a house with a garden both of which are in constant renovation mode

My illustrations have appeared in, The NY Times, Wall St. Journal, Godiva Chocolates, Country Living Gardener, Vintage Books, Gourmet Magazine, Random House, Harper Collins, McGraw Hill, Tiffany & Co, Family Circle, Conde Nast Traveler, Self Magazine, Chronicle Books, to name a few 

Henry and Violet were my twin bull terriers, one white and one black. Henry was particularly fond of the taste of watercolor paper.  They still show up in my illustrations where they will always be alive and funny.  

Current Subject Matter



  Anything Pays Basque
Extraite du Journal Sally Mara....Les Chronicles Biarritz
Le Marché les Dimanches
What is Jazz

My Exploits on the Road

and my observations of the farmers markets at Union Square and Grand Army where I sling fish for Blue Moon. Standing there, behind the counter with the smell of ocean in the air, it’s a twice weekly, highly amusing riot of people, animals, food and weather.

Sometimes bizarre, sometimes unexpected but always fun. 

So welcome to a bit of my world, I hope you enjoy the views

Commissions gladly welcome!