Monday, March 25, 2013

from Brooklyn
(and for all of you lucky people in sunny it's snowing, raining, sleeting)

and the work has piled up 
fish, Asia, and Alvin lee

2 wedding commissions and one illustration sketch
Nothing is open at 6 am
Setting up


Almost end of day
Tile and Cod Fish Heads for making stock (click for recipe)

 Peter Sturman and Susan Tai co-curated the exhibition "The Artful Recluse" at Asia Society now on view
Bada Shanren is my favorite artist in the show
Bada Shanren 17th Century Chinese Painter at Asia Society

NY Times Review of Peter's show at Asia Society!
Saraswati  Illustration for YOGA CITY NYC click to see the article published today
and on another note
 Alvin Lee
click his name to see him at Woodstock

Most people don't know that I was a rocker in my youth, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Blues Project, Edgar Winter, to name a few of my favorites.  It was a big disappointment that I wasn't allowed to go to Woodstock, even though I had a ride lined up and everything.  My parents thought I was too young....15 (okay do the math), so just to satisfy my rock concert cravings I went to as many as I could from then on.  I saw Alvin Lee and Ten Years After at the University of Hartford, in the gymnasium. It was February 1970. Maybe there were a couple of hundred people there, no seats but you could dance and get really close the band.  It was fantastic.

That same year I saw Santana and Miles Davis together at Tanglewood, totally amazing! 

The following summer I was 17, living in Paris going to the Sorbonne learning french after graduating high school and before going off to the University of Michigan Art School that fall. I lived at Cité Universitaire in the American House. A bunch of my Cité pals heard about a concert in Lincoln England, the  Lincoln Folk Festival  (click here to read from people who were also there) so we divided up and hitched there. I went with a guy I had just met, we got rides from truck drivers, slept in a tent on camp grounds and made it to Calais where we took the hovercraft over to Dover. We got to London somehow and then took the train up to Lincoln.We spent the night with about 200 other people, sleeping on mattresses on the floor of a salvation army building. The next morning I left my companion, who I didn't really like and met up with two British guys. It was about 5 am and they stole someone's milk from their door step which we shared and then walked to the concert site through the sleeping town. 
We sneaked onto the site through a hole in the fence.

I remember the crowds and getting high and hanging out with these two nice guys. I loved the music, and wasn't too familiar with a lot of the groups, really being a rock and roll American girl. I remember James Taylor, and had hopes that Carole King would show, but she didn't.
Amazingly enough, among the 20,000 people there, in the days before the ubiquitous cell phone and gps my Paris friends found me! The next morning when the concert ended we hitched a ride with some locals to the train station, and managed somehow to get back to Paris. Someone had some money, I was broke
It was great fun, and I never told my parents.....hitch hiking was a big no no! Since I couldn't go to Woodstock this was payback!

Here was the line up

•Buffy Sainte Marie
•Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy
•Incredible String Band
•James Taylor
•Ralph McTell
•Sandy Denny
•Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee
•Steeleye Span
•The Byrds
•Tim Hardin
•Tom Paxton

Monday, March 11, 2013

from California
and on my last day it's

Seaweed and Sweetpeas 
a bit of this and that painted this past week, seaweed bundles tossed up on the shore during high tide after the storm, looking like giant green and orange bouquets and then the actual bouquet of sweetpeas I bought for my mother at the farmers market
3 Seaweeds

Sweet peas

Seaweed Wave

Washed Away

And then there's the sunrise
Surprise!  A starfish

And the sunset

Next up: WEATHER REPORT from Brooklyn

Monday, March 4, 2013

from California

SPRING is springing

That hill

I've been totally addicted to painting the flowering plum and apricot trees at my brother's, so I spent the week there
Apricot and Plum


I don't think I could ever do them justice

Today I went back to the beach and my fan base