Monday, January 28, 2013


from California

mid 60's

rumor has it, low 70's by Thursday

So, I'll admit, there was a bit of rain going on at the end of last week, and then there was fog, but all of that has blown through and lifted and it's blue skies and clear sailing for beach buffs and painters alike.  I'd say, definitely a mood enhancer. Now if I can just get my painting sea legs back, all will be well

January 23 CLOUDY

January 26  FOG

The hangman is unhappy

Painting Fog Hendry's Beach
 Cheering section
January 27 the coast is CLEAR

The hangman is happy and
me too
Pete's at twilight
 January 28
 moon set looking right

sunrise looking left

sunflower seaweed
thank you KCSB and DJ StevieC for being a west coast equivalent to Felix (almost)
and I finally found a decent piece of sea glass