Monday, May 20, 2013

all shades
Lilac 3  Watercolor

Lilac 3:17 pm  Watercolor

Detail of large Lilac watercolor


merci beaucoup to Greg Lebak for these amazing blooms,
they lasted more than a week!!
Greg, his flowers and a few bee friends
His flowers are so beautiful, check his stand out at Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays
up now.......IRIS

just arrived at BLUE MOON FISH
everyone's favorite....
BLOW...... fish

For the uninitiated, these odd looking things are the tails of the blow or puffer fish.  No, they are not the Japanese kind that will kill you instantly, but some distant Atlantic cousin
we call it a fishy chicken leg at BLUE MOON, having one center bone
They are very mild and sweet flavored
try some while they last!
Blow Fish with Spinach
Dredge the blow fish in flour seasoned with salt and pepper
Heat an iron skillet or saute pan with olive oil
saute garlic, scallions, shallots, or onions until soft, add spinach
cook until the spinach is wilted and remove from the pan
reheat the pan with more olive oil 
add the blow fish and fry until crispy
that's it!
If you prefer less frying
don't flour the blowfish, just rub a little olive oil on them and broil at a high heat
add the spinach mixture for the last minute or so

have the leftovers for breakfast 

and because I can't resist the beauty shots
Union Square Greenmarket

for the Blue Moon crew
Honey Badger
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